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The Wuhan Marshal Palace Hotel (Shuaifu Cheyou Fandian) is located in the Wangjiawan commercial circle of Hanyang district, Wuhan. Across the street is a shopping mall and several supermarkets.

A 15-minute drive brings guests to Wuhan Convention and Exhibition Centre and a 20-minute drive from Tianhe International airport.[View Detail]
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  • viivianluo
    Because, the hotel environment, convenient!
  • ANGLE3
    Hotel very good, environment is also very good, the service is OK, is on the edge of the subway, dust, missed what to eat for breakfast, next time I go to select it
  • clinsons
    Snack around quite a lot, a great choice for cargo.
  • mabell
    Less toilet paper
  • Robbenlaban
    It wasn't too bad
  • Dennis
    Noisy, inconvenient outside, breakfast
  • jsg91235
    Almost point hotel, Wuhan, and clean, cost-effective. great location, but Wuhan is very dirty, disorderly the whole city ... but on a business trip, no way.
  • ivyyang
    Hotel location very good, convenient ... and the service very good.
  • liuyan198411
    Hotel next environment is poor, hotel service bad, see guest are not acting Xia, actually with dirty towel show new guest with, has figure has truth, earlier 8:30 to eat, only left a root cabbage, II root onion, 9 points not to on busy of received dining with, Cup with Ah, encountered meeting 498 Yuan prices, with knife cut finished and bleeding and tears, most nausea of once accommodation!
  • e05971584
    Said value for money was good-
  • dear mouse
    Very good location, hotel front desk service is also very good, and key housing and hotel sex ratio is very worthwhile, and next time I stay here
  • lunner_jin
  • moummm
    Surrounding roads and subway construction, traffic is not easy, but good.
  • da111111111
    Room was very small, like the.
  • iswylee
    Environment very well, is neighboring Metro morning is very noisy
  • cc_mm
    Hotel is good, away from wangjiawan Metro station m export also on bailai meters, 1 minutes on to has, is convenient. Hotel door, Hotel looks scale also good, into to lobby, is spacious, environment is good! front desk of staff is skilled of for I handle has staying, they also is enthusiastic of told I some travel route and around of drink of place, Ocean department store, Moore city, Wal-Mart, Carrefour. service is detailed thoughtful. room of design is special, simple but is comfortable, Door on see table Shang put with two Apple, is warm. quilt is soft, SAT has half train lay down on didn't want to moving has. dinner is in a floor restaurant eat of, service personnel to I recommended has they of features dish Mei dish pork, again points has a vegetables, taste is good, fertilizer and not greasy, breakfast of varieties is rich, original thought hotel of breakfast is General of, let people unexpectedly of is, beef surface, chaos, bun, porridge, Western meal package, fruit, milk, milk, fried rice and so on and so on, See down has good dozens of a varieties, full full of eat has a meal delicious of breakfast. check out of when front desk of beauty active asked I whether need called car, is enthusiastic, checkout speed also is fast, go of when directly sat of Metro, is think traffic convenient, overall, hotel of price is I live had of three star hotel in one of, service is good, room is good, eat of also good, next to Wuhan also live handsome House.
  • mlx0628
    Good, triple room is very convenient
  • soul14mm
    Very good location
  • bb1723
    Surrounding roads, but a lot of things.
  • wxbw1
    Good. noisy roadside. bathroom is a little small.
  • lrf1111
    Very good, is the road
  • e00880027
    Is also a good clop. bathroom very small, simple rooms clean and tidy.
  • cai8181
    Road environment is not good, go out to dinner, hotel is a bit shabby.
  • e00112873
    Outside the overpass construction, hotel facilities good, clean
  • carissa
    Toilets are one-piece, super small, but two steps on, it is not convenient.
  • bdgmgm
    Hotel rates nice
  • araujei
    Transportation is quite convenient
  • yaoer11520
    Overall I feel pretty good, is the environment around a bit
  • eviewluye
    Business travel, hotel distance from the factories close. the environment is also good. breakfast. in line with our business people who travel. a clean and tidy environment, when you will also take into account
  • raysfire
    Is still as it was clean and quiet, the surrounding is very convenient for shopping and dining ... the only drawback is the power plug of this room is less, a fridge, an electric kettle, and a floor lamp. no desks and bedside tables, a variety of equipment, such as charging, hope that I will have to improve.
  • Cristal_w
    Room was pretty clean is near the road
  • RV my line I
    Resident hotel now!
  • canbaobao
    Overall is good. initially not used to space shower, now you suddenly discover that the winter will be warm ... room was clean, not noisy, every fruit up to ... more and more like if wangjiawan smooth traffic that would be great. nobleman till tea is to live well.
  • beijinggongwei
    Health, and convenient transportation.
  • m03473391
    Permanent hotels!
  • e00353278
    Friends said good, clean
  • BILL135
    Very clean, value for money good. live very comfortable. have the opportunity to go live.
  • nancyrita
    Others are good, WiFi is extremely unstable.
  • danny1976
    Super bad, bad attitudes, declined to comment for this hotel
  • aimiy
    Travel to live in Marshal Palace cheyou hotel!
  • dasea2005
    Very good, very convenient
  • goommi
    I was staying in the hotel for the first time, the overall feel is very good, very clean.
  • comer3000
    Ordinary business hotels, from the Peugeot factories close, basic colleagues to travel there this nobleman riders, it is convenient. The price is quite high.
  • d02016495
  • lemoncole
    It's not bad!
  • tl87488
    Beside the roads were not good, nice hotel
  • david710928
    Hotel positions now look a bit inconvenient, but pass on the road a lot, accommodation in Nice
  • e00395265
    Hotel in a very nice hotel, clean and tidy, Suite attractive discounts, breakfast as well. disadvantage is that some facilities, especially the bathroom old and needs renovating rooms double bed was too small too hard.
  • Britt
    Third times staying, front twice said truth really General, this may because room in middle of location on also is quiet. midnight nothing sound. space class bathroom still unable to spit slot, the service also line, sent wiring board needle what of requirements Basic can meet. room has refrigerator compared accident, just to with help has busy. sent of fruit is delicious, fresh sweet crisp. breakfast now do class like, poached eggs hot cracker, certainly beef River powder were it not for spicy of that was is most love no ofI. road around in the garage, traffic, subway built half, cross the road by the surrounding people. the evening lively, Wang Jia Wan, the Mall also has several, and not worry.
  • d05623245
    All right